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Vehicle Security and Tracking Services

Highlights of the Security and Tracking System:

Embedded Intelligence: The Tracker has uniquely smart embedded firmware. It has a range of exceptional and user-defined checkpoint alarms. It can be used both online and without Internet. This allows critical alarms to be real-time even in limited network environments.

Smart Fleet Management: Keep up vehicle maintenance schedules with the Tracker's odometer. All reports can be compiled by vehicle into visual vehicle usage statistics with total trips, distance traveled, average speeds and more!

Monitor Driving Habits and Reduce Fuel Costs: Detect idling engines, speeding and other fuel consuming driving habits.

Detect misuse, unauthorised trips and theft

Advanced Security: Wide range of real-time alarms such as motion sensor, speeding, ignition sensing and idle alarms.

Zone Alarms: Checkpoint alarm, embedded and server-based geofences with up to 1000 user-defined zones.

Why You Need A Vehicle Security and Tracking System:

  • Locate - Find your car or motorbike with just one SMS
  • Prevent - Prevent unauthorised driving
  • Guide - Locate and guide your vehicles
  • Monitor - Monitor fleet movements
  • Protect - Protect unguarded assets
  • Report - Automatic trip reporting
  • Display - Display all vehicles at once on screen
  • Notification - Get instantly notified if your vehicle is stolen, and shut down engine with SMS.
  • Track - With the press of a button, turn on several tracking options quickly to closely track stolen vehicles or expensive cargo
  • SMS - Get SMS when the person or asset carrying the Tracker starts moving.

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