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Computer Networks Installations - Trunking, Wiring, Termination & Testing

Data communications cabling is a complex world. Cabling not only carries data across your network, it can also carry voice, serial communications, alarm signals, video, and audio transmissions. Hence the importance of a well-designed structured cabling system cannot be under-estimated.

WWe offer the best data installation service at the most reasonable fee. We know the importance of data cabling to your operations and our installers and technicians are up to the task.

We undertake small to large scale installations. We provide cabling solutions for individuals, real estate developers, building contractors, small businesses, schools, colleges, factories, hospitals, government and non-governmental institutions. We also provide all your domestic/residential data communication needs.

SeNe-TecKK Services will advise you on the latest technologies available and ensure that the solution we provide is right for your business and domestic needs.

The past five years have witnessed an explosion in the number of fake cabling installers but at SeNe-TecKK, you are guaranteed of installations that are not only reliable but also conform to all international standards.

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