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Inventory Management Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, is a large-scale software program designed for modern businesses, both large and small. A simple definition is that ERP systems aid the flow of internal business processes and allow for communication between a business’s departments and its internal functions and data.

Using software-generated automated reports, enterprise resource planning systems are able to give companies an immediate picture of its real-time operations: production, inventory and order processing.

ERP software tracks a business’s resources (raw materials, cash, employees), overhead and commitments (employee payroll, purchase orders and customer orders) for individual departments and for the company as a whole.

Most ERP systems are modular. Workers can access only the modules they need in order to complete their duties while higher-ups can access all modules in order to both create and review data and reports. By keeping work zones modular, the security of the company is better protected as a whole.

If you are a business owner and are not able to know instantly:

  • how much sales, profit or loss made daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.
  • how indebted or otherwise you are to your vendors and customers
  • what your stock levels are
  • when to re-order stock
  • which are your best 5 products and customers (products and customers that drives your business)
  • in-depth record of all your suppliers / vendors and customers
  • how much you owe each of your vendors/suppliers
  • how much each of your customers owes you and for how long
  • how much wastage (stock write-offs) that goes on in our outfit
  • whether you have a particular item in stock or not
  • how much stock moved in your absence from warehouse to store and vice versa
  • your net worth from all your business and personal accounts, including MoMo Accounts
  • complete oversight on your business activities

Or you have the following challenges with your sales reps / store keepers (especially, when you are not around):

  • “cutting-corners” and under-reporting sales numbers/figures
  • under / over pricing merchandise
  • receipt/invoice/proforma management

Then you will need a standalone Inventory, Expense & Account Management Solution from SeNe-TecKK Services.

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