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Monitored Electric Security Fences

The proliferation of non-lethal, monitored, electric security fences in our homes and work places is indicative of the confidence the public has in this form of perimeter security. The reason for this popularity is simple – monitored electric security fences are effective, economical, and offer more D’s of security than any other perimeter system:

  • Demarcation - A fence around your property shows you mean business
  • Deflection - Would-be intruders will be deflected to softer targets
  • Deterrence - The safe powerful Energizer shock is a strong deterrent to intruders
  • Delay - The physical barrier will delay an intruder, something they do not like
  • Detection - The voltage monitor (e.g. from JVA’s energizer’s) warns you of any tampering with the fence
  • Deny - A well-erected electric security fence will deny entry
  • Dependable - 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your electric security fence system is monitored by an alert, sober, electronic watchman

Electric fences are constructed using specialised equipment built for perimeter security. Security electric fences consist of wires that carry pulses of electric current to provide a non-lethal shock to deter potential intruders. Tampering with the fence also results in an alarm that is logged by the security electric fence energiser, and can also trigger a siren, strobe, or notifications to a control room or directly to the owner via email or phone.

In practical terms, security electric fences are a type of sensor array that acts as a (or part of a) physical barrier, a psychological deterrent to potential intruders, and as part of a security alarm system.

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