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Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

From prisons to private homes, stadiums to schools, airports to offices, the need for security is constantly rising. More and more buildings and properties require perimeter intrusion protection to prevent unauthorised access.

The variety of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) available is huge. Comparing different types of PID technologies is difficult and time-consuming since many factors must be taken into consideration to choose the most suitable technology to secure a site.

The following are the most commonly used PID technologies in perimeter protection:

  • barrier-mounted systems
  • free-standing systems
  • ground-based systems

Every site has unique characteristics and faces individual threats. There is no one PID technology that suits all sites. Depending on your available budget it makes sense to combine two or more technologies to achieve the best result.

Barrier-mounted PIDS such as VibraTek® Plus sensor cable and VibraFon® point sensors belong to the most widespread intrusion detection technologies. They are installed directly at the perimeter fence or wall and therefore identify an intrusion right at the beginning. They can cater for non-linear perimeters such as perimeters with corners or other directional changes. Moreover, they are known to work well in unfavourable weather conditions and darkness. Both technologies have built-in audio alarm verification so that security staff can listen to the audio signals that caused an alarm. Both systems are an excellent solution where high performance and moderate investment are required.

Free standing PIDS such as active infrared or microwave systems are often used for perimeters that include wide open spaces with few obstacles, such as buildings or other obstructions. Besides that, infrared systems are ideal to protect short distances such as windows or facades of a building. For very high security applications free standing PID systems are combined with barrier mounted systems. Whereas the latter protects the fence itself, the former detects the area behind the perimeter fence/wall.

CCTV has become more effective in recent years. The huge advantage of visual alarm verification has to be paid with a heavy investment in the technology. CCTV with advanced analytics is not without flaws when it comes to reliable intruder identification and effectiveness in bad weather conditions.

Due to their high costs and complexity ground-based PID systems are often only selectively applied in very high security areas within a perimeter. More and more free-standing systems are preferred in these scenarios. What makes buried systems outstanding is that that they are completely hidden which makes it very hard for an intruder to plan a strategy to defeat them.

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