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SeNe-TecKK Services Ltd. made its debut in Ghana at the beginning of May 2012. This move was influenced by the shoddy work that designers and installers in the electrical and electronic business are doing in the Construction and IT industries in Ghana. Our team of engineers and technicians include tried and tested designers and installers with over 12 years experience in various design and technical disciplines locally, with a touch of oriental exoticism. We believe in the total design concept where all our designs are produced and certified on paper by competent engineers  prior to the actual installation on-site by our technicians. After installation, our team of engineers would thoroughly inspect the work done before certifying and commissioning the project.

We have also recruited carefully selected technicians to partner us in this endeavour and they are constantly receiving training to upgrade their skills and complement our efforts and goals.

Quality, safety, honesty, integrity, good value, positive relationship and no waste is but, a few of the things our customers should expect from us. We have come to stay and will partner individuals, estate developers, private contractors, financial institutions, SMEs, and government agencies in addressing the technological lapses of the country.

Some of our suppliers are CCTVdirect Europe, Emmastina Shipping and Courier Services, ADI Global International, etc.

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